USD vault interest rate 2.75%

Wow thanks revolut.
Usd savings vault rate has just jumped from 1.15 to 2.75%!

I assume this is in line with the federal reserve increases like the Bank of England.

Transferwise are offering nothing in their usd accounts!


We are happy as long as you are happy :heart_eyes:

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What about interest for European vaults in Euro? At least I cannot see any paid interest for my vaults in Ireland.


That’s a good jump. Is it just for Metal customers? Where do you see this rate increase?

Yep a nice jump - I’m a metal customer so not sure if it is just on my subscription. Haven’t looked into it further

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At the moment, this is not possible yet :frowning_face:

Still waiting in EU :sob::pray:t2:


Why Poland only? And way too low, anyway (0.1-0.3% p.a.)! Why keep money in :r:?

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