USD Transfers

I’m trying to find a cost effective way (avoiding SWIFT) to top up my Revolut USD account from either my Citibank UK USD account or my Citibank USA USD account - I have debit cards for each account. I have tried using my UK debit card but Revolut sees it as a GBP card and won’t allow USD top ups. Any help, much appreciated.

You should be able to top up in USD by any card. The message is a warning, but you should be able to make the USD top up nevertheless.

Duplicate of USD transfers

I tried that as soon as I opened my Revolut account. However, the app insisted that the card was only good for GBP (even though I had linked it to my Citibank USD account) and when I persisted , the app switched to the Revolut GBP account and put £10 on that instead of $10 on my USD account! I was then charged the equivalent of £10 by Citibank which was withdrawn from my USD account at their rate of exchange. I tested the system again with the same result, only this time I didn’t go through with the transaction - once bitten, twice shy!

Yes, sorry I didn’t understand the syatem properly!

I am using a EUR card, issued in UK. Revolt always warns me about topping up in EUR despite the card being recognized as GBP. I tap on EUR when the warning comes up and the transaction happens indeed in EUR. I have to do this every time but it works reliably. I would assume that the same method should work for you as well.