USD transfer from my USD Revolut account


Is it possible do a transfer in USD from my Revolut USD account to a USD account in EEA?

I have accounts in GBP, USD and EUR in Revolut, so I can select the account from where my transfer will be done, right? Didn’t find it in FAQ.


Hi, when you are making Bank Transfer, you are able to select from which wallet would you like to send money.
When you add to :r: Bank accounts for transfer, you chose this account currency.
It is possible to transfer USD from :r:, I checked with USD->PL IBAN in USD.


I want to transfer USD for USD Revolut account to an american USD account.

Is the transfer then considered as domestic within USA? I am worried, since there is no space to insert SWIFT number.

I have the same issue! The US bank is asking me to do a “SWIFT wire” which does not use have a Routing Number, but uses the SWIFT ID.

How do I do that? I tried handling it also like a Domestic Wire and giving the Routing number, but then the other bank bounced it back to Revolut.


If you are trying to transfer USD from Revolut US account to another US bank account, you can complete by domestic transfer. I make this transfer regularly. The funds are credited to my US bank account in the next day. All you require is your bank account and routing number.

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Hey Nomadus!

many thanks for your reply! Are you using an ACH or ABA routing number?


I use ABA routing number to make transfer to US bank account.

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