USD topup with a romanian USD issued card

Is there anyone that topped up Revolut with USD using a romanian USD issued card? If yes, what were the fees and what bank issed the card you have used?

I don’t use such card but it should be free until you’re using consumer (not commercial) card issued in UE.

Does your bank charges you any fee when you’re using this card online?

I did not use yet an USD card. I am looking for a bank to open an account and that is why I have asked if someone experienced topping up using such card.

should be free. the app will detect it as a RON card but when topping up make sure you choose the option for charging the topup in USD and itll work. Btw what bank is this with?? I’ve been after a USD card for 4 years in romania but no one seemed to offer them.

Source: I have a EUR card that’s like this.

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I know Banca Transilvania offers USD card in Romania, from what I can see on they website.

With EUR card no problem, there are no fees to top up. Indeed is seen as RON card and you get a warning.