USD top-up


A few months ago you told us you working on better rates for topping up the account with USD debit/credit card. Do you have any news? Any ETA?



You can top-up via Apple Pay. Thats easy and the fees aren’t too heavy in my opinion.



I only have an android tablet and within the revolut app I don’t see an option to top-up with Apple Pay.


Apple Pay obviously only works with iOS devices. Android Pay should be coming soon I think.


and what are the fees to topup using apple pay?


It should be 5 % or something like that.

Bank Transfer
Debit card
Credit Card
USD debit/credit card

So it should be 4 % …


using ApplePay? thats quite high.


For using Apple Pay with a USD CC. Yes it’s not as low as 1 % or free for a debit card but better than having no possibility to top-up the account.


but you can also top-up revolut with directly your USD card for those fees so there is no difference using apple pay or your card directly then in terms of fees.


thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Yes, that would be possible but some US CC aren’t supported anymore. ( such is mine ) that’s why I am using the workaround with Apple Pay.

You’re very welcome


we can already use android pay for top up


Thanks for the update on Android Pay. I did not know that it rolled out already. I’m also an iOS user :wink:



Fernando, do we? I don’t really see an option in my revolut app. What are the charges to top-up that way with USD? Is it the same what C0ldwater mentioned using ApplePay?


android top up was there for a while and i used to use it.
a couple of weeks ago @revolut removed it saying there was an issue with it and it would be back soon.
still not showing


eh I see too bad :(.