USD top up

I see that to fee is charged now for USD top up with a debit card.
Is this a bug or the fee has been removed completely?

(from the FAQ)

This might explain the fees for a USD card.
I believe they removed the credit card fees in the EU thanks to the new PSD2


I think you are right psd2 forbids charging extra for purchases and top-ups are purchases after all.
A few days ago they were charging 3% when topping up in usd, I have just topped up $10 to test and no fee was charged.

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I’m not 100% sure PSD2 also applies to payments using cards from outside the EEA (even though Revolut IS inside).
Nonetheless, I’m glad you have no fees anymore! :clap:

I tried this (top-up via USD debit card), and no fee is charged for a $10 top-up, but a $20 top-up had a 33c charge added. I wonder if that is a fixed fee or if it is a percentage fee.