USD top up fees with UK USD Card


Hey guys,

Hopefully the community will be able to help me understand this matter as Revolut Support have been unable to.

I understand that on USD top ups, there is a 3% charge due to “intermediary bank fees” however, how can these fees be put into context if a USD top up is done on a UK Card (UK BIN)?

There’s a real issue with transparency here and while I accept that fees may apply, I’d like to understand why it’s the same for UK USD top ups as it is for foreign ones.


All merchant has to pay some kind of commission for accepting card. Probably :r: has to pay high commission for USD card transactions, it does not matter where card is issued.


Hey @clickyclick,

check the FAQs, I think it is very transparent that USD cards have this fee.

Topping up in GBP, EUR, PLN, DKK, SEK, NOK, RON and CHF with a debit card is completely free.

Supporting credit cards and top-ups in USD is expensive for us. We’re working to bring these costs down, but until then we have to charge:

  • 1% per top-up with a credit card
  • 3% per USD top-up with a debit card
  • 4% (1% plus 3%) per USD top-up with a credit card.
    In these cases, it might be cheaper for you to top up via bank transfer.

USD cards might be in general excluded from the EU interchange fee regulation. I am not sure. It seems like the 3rd party payment processor fees are higher for Revolut with all USD cards.