USD salary into account

I will be receiving my first salary from my new employers in 2 weeks, they are a Canadian company, paying in US Dollars.

Can this be paid direct into my USD account, or do I need to get them to pay it into my Euro or Sterling account ?

You should definitely give them the USD account, however keep in mind this is a shared account, so they have to specify the reference number, otherwise Revolut cannot assign the funds. Also, this will be a SWIFT transfer, so there might be additional charges.

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And take some time… (Probably at least 5 days)

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personally I would not risk using shared US Dollar account for receiving salary… most probably you’ll have issues because employer will forget about reference number or some security trigger will came in and you will fight with support to unlock your account. for US dollar salary I would just go to “normal” bank and open personal US dollar account.

I know it’s a bit late but anyone reading this read should know the following:

This will be sent by SWIFT and as such the receiving and sending bank may charge fees.

Personally I would transfer my USD salary into a Transferwise Borderless account (that has local USD details) and then transfer this to Revolut.

This might not be an issue soon though as Revolut should be releasing USD details upon launch in the US.


Yep transferwise borderless account are very useful for these cases. I’ve been having to buy USD but with the volatility of the GBP had to do it in small bits at crucial times when there were peaks (which only lasted a hour or so at time).

So easy to transfer money in and out using them.

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