USD refunded


After sending money out to a US business from my USD account failed, my USDs were refunded.
Is there anywhere I can see the wire failure reason?
The destination account had an intermediary bank.
In the “send money out to Business” form, there was nowhere to put details about the Intermediary bank.



Hi there.

The bank returned the transfer as the payment was attempted, the correspondent bank may have debited their processing fees from the funds sent, which is reflected in the amount returned.

The most common reasons for returned funds are:

  • the beneficiary’s account has been closed
  • the beneficiary’s account number is incorrect
  • the beneficiary’s name does not match the account


Is there anywhere in the Revolut app to see what the failure reason was?

When there’s a intermediary bank, where does one put the details of the intemediary as well?


No but I can send you the transfer confirmation.


Yes please.
Also for the intermediary bank details, is there somewhere those can be set?


You can’t chose what intermediary the banks use to transfer the money. That is up to the banks to decide (they have partnerships with different banks for different transfers across countries etc.)


well, the destination business specifies their ultimate bank and an intermediary bank in their description of their account?

Maybe I will see some information in the transfer confirmation that Andreas K will send me.

Does my name get sent along with the wire: ie does the bank know that the transfer came from me?


Are you able to send me a direct message?


you mean via email? or via the revolut app?


I mean a direct message here :slight_smile:


stupid question: I can’t find any button here to send you a private message.
In the Messages tab, I couldn’t find a Compose message either.
I must be blind :frowning:


Have you tried to click the contact name and in the pop up select “Message”? Does this work?


In the popup, there’s no "Message"
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but no Message


Have you tried to re-login here or a different browser? Otherwise I have no idea, sorry.


For new community members, there is a 24 hours period until this becomes available, I believe.


I have been a member for a few days by now.
relogin doesn’t help.
I think i will try the support chat from the app then?


The period starts after the first post, I think.

You can always try support. But you probably won’t be able to contact Andreas specifically this way, I guess.


Can you please try now? You should be able to send me a DM.