USD IBAN won't accept from Bank of America

I have tried to send money from my Bank of America account into my USD account. I included the personalised Reference number along with the generic IBAN, and the money has not been transferred.

When I inquired with Bank of America, they said that there was something wrong with the account and it wouldn’t accept it. Bank of America is a pretty established bank, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Why is this happening? How can I send the money to the USD account? Please help!

Hi there.

Apologies for the long wait. Could you please send me a direct message so we can get in touch?

Hi Andreas. I don’t see how to send you a direct message.

Hi Andreas. Can you please contact me? You have my contact info. Cheers

You should be able now to send me a direct message.

Hello Andreas. I have the exact same problem here. My work try to send me my salary into my revolut usd account. They said they need the Beneficiary account. Not the IBAN. Is there such thing as the actual bank account number?
They Wire money from bank of America in usd. Can you help me so I can contact you?

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