USD from revolut account to UK PayPal account


If I transfer USD from my Revolut (IBAN) account to my UK PayPal account will it be kept in USD in PayPal or will it be converted into GBP?


how are you “transfering” them to paypal?


Yes. USD to UK PayPal account.


how? did you add revolut’s card to paypal? afaik paypal doesn’t give you a bank account to push money via SWIFT. you have to pull it.


I have not linked my Revolut account (nor my Revolut card) to my PayPal account, but if I do so I should be able to make a deposit to PayPal. Don’t you think so?


you can’t withdraw from the polled USD IBAN, it’s only for collection (receiving)
you can do SWIFT USD transfers, but fot that you need the beneficiary’s account details, and paypal afaik doesn’t provide auch mechanism.


Do you mean I’ll be able to transfer only GBP to my UK PayPal account from my Revolut IBAN account?


Paypal only accepts deposits in local currency. So if you have a UK PayPal account you can only deposit GBP into it


I see! So, my Revolut account being in EUR first I’ll have to convert my EUR to GBP and then make a deposit from my Revolut account to my UK PayPal account. Correct?


Exact. You transfer from your revolut GBP balance to the account number and sort code given by paypal for deposits

Edit: why would you want to transfer money into PayPal? Most people want to take it out. To make a payment using PayPal just add a card to paypal and pay through the card, instead of depositing money there


if you add the card you can pull USD into paypal.

edit: no, you can’t add balance except from direct debit, in GBP.


Only a few countries support that. UK and most of Europe don’t support it


Gosh, I must say that I am quite confused how to use Revolut in fact…
What I want to do is to have USD into my UK PayPal account BUT I don’t want to use my Revolut card number because I don’t want PayPal to have it.


well, I do have a UK paypal account with USD balance. and you can add money freely.


revolut lets you have virtual cards and enable/disable them from the app. you can have a virtual card for paypal.


So your only option given paypal limitations is to convert the money to GBP inside revolut, then send said GBP to paypal using the account and sort numbers paypal gives to the effect and finally convert the GBP to USD in paypal with their extortionate exchange rates.

If you were willing to give your card info to paypal you could simply pay with the card and choose the option saying you DON’T want PayPal to do any exchange.


Sure you can have a USD balance in paypal, but to top up your PayPal through bank transfer it has to be GBP.

Have you actually done a USD transfer into PayPal?


nope. I pay via paypal with my revolut card with currency exchange disabled and refunds get stored on the right balance unexchanged.

fair enough. even PayPal discourages it on it’s “Add Funds to Your PayPal Account”

Did you know, you don’t have to add any money to your PayPal account in order to buy something or send money? Simply add your bank account or any card to your PayPal account to get started.


It’s getting late so I am going to bed for now and I’ll think about all of that tomorrow.
Thank you very much both @alejandro.mery and @megamaster for your help.


in short, you can’t.