USD Dollar transfers to Honk Kong for business


Hi guys. Im still not able to send money to my supplier in Honk Kong in USD. Still account is not fully i presume dont have IBAN for it. Its been already 2 weeks since you trying to fix this thing. Finally got SWIFT attached to this account...but its not helping a lot…Still not able to pay. When this problem will be resolved? If you dont have time frame, im afraid ill have to close my account. Thanks


I’m having same issue with USD transfers to Singapore.

Seems like Revolut’s partners (Barclays and/or Currency Cloud) have troubles transfering out in USD.

4th time I make and each time either Barclays is returning the money or the money gets lost and I spend hours with Revolut helpdesk to get the money back.


im not able even transfer anywhere. It says errror. and thats it. Already told them i want my account to be closed till moment they will have product that functions


Hey guys, I see your questions but seems no answers from Revolut? That’s bad, I was very enthusiastic with this new bank but seems all are words and is not working properly? If they can not even answer your questions, how can we be sure that these services a truly working as they claimed? Very poor performance from Revolut.