USD Debit


in terms ans conditions, it is written that Debit Fee is Free and USD Debit fee is 3%.
Does that means if I use my virtual or physical Revolut card, and I buy something in Euro or GBP, there is no fee, but if I use same card to buy something in USD, I will have 3% fee ?
why is there a specific fee for USD ?


No. These fees are for topping up! Spending is free.


Can you explain ? I’m not English native, so don’t know what means “topping up”.



When you want to transfer money into your Revolut account with another bank card, that is a top up.


So if I transfert from external account using wire, then buy something in using Revolut card, there is no fee, right ?
Or transfert Euro using card or wire, exchange Euro to , then buy something in using Revolut card, no fee as well, right ?


There might be fees by intermediary banks depending on which transfer method and currency one uses. You can find more about this in the FAQs :slight_smile:


thanks for your time