USD bank transfer not working and no App support !


Dear Revolut

On Feb 27th I transferred USD208 to my “newly opened” Revolut USD account from HSBC in U.K.

I have tried to contact you via the in App Support and have had no response hence my approach via the community.

Is this really 21st C banking ?

Perhaps someone can look into this ?




Hi @J-Lo,

I’ll get in touch with your via a direct message to investigate what’s going on.


Andreas K.


I’ll delete your phone number as this is not a private message.

As I can see your transfer has been credited to your account hours ago. Check your USD wallet.


THANK YOU Andreas ! Whilst you advised that this money had been credited “hours ago”, it was not showing on my Wallet when I made my original post.

Is this your magic ?

Regardless … THANK YOU for your swift reaction and help.

Best wishes



My pleasure @J-Lo, but to be honest I didn’t do something.

I as I can see the transfer has been assigned in your account at 11:45. Are you sure you were checking the right wallet (USD)?


Andreas K.