USD and ACH - date?


Do you have an estimate date in 2018 for the USD local support and ACH transferts?

Thank you, Thibault


Hi, yes #metoo.
Is there a projected launch date for unique USD accounts?

Hi @tbo64 and @ChrisMurray

There is no estimated date for this, I am afraid. We will make sure to update our users once there will be any. :innocent:

@oleksii, has :r:evolut decided if you are going to give us local USD (ACH) accounts yet? it’s the only thing keeping me anchored to transferwise

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Hello @alejandro.mery

There is no exact date that I could provide but work is in progress along with US launch as far as I know! :us:


good enough for me! thank you @rafael_revolut

Is there any update on this at all?

it seems it’s not going too well as they changed their strategy