USD accounts are provided with local bank account number

It seems that Revolut has started offering local bank account number to USD accounts. Revolut has partnered with “Metropolitan Commercial Bank, New York” for all USD accounts.

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I don’t see anything yet… only the GB iban

It’s only for US residents.

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Yes. It is for US customers

Let’s just hope that Revolut’s ambitions here won’t fall short and that they are going to offer local USD accounts for more customers eventually. Like they implied earlier. Would be good to be on par with the competition here. Especially for business accounts.

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I was one of early users of Revolut. Now my close contact who joined after me also received this local account number. Revolut is going to set the bar high in the competitive US challenger banks market.

I was referring to Tranferwise here. They already offer local USD accounts for customers residing outside the US. That’s obviously very handy for expats, freelancers and so on when your residency is Europe but you’ve got friends, family and clients in the US.

I am happy to hear accounts are now available for US customers. That’s what they said they are going to do: start with US customers. But Revolut was suspiciously vage about when or if they are going to make them available for customers outside the US.

What do you mean? Local collection accounts have been around for quite a while in some countries for their residents.

This is about local USD accounts for domestic USD transfers from someone else’s US accounts. They said they will introduce USD accounts for US residents first, but the general idea is to provide them to all Revolut customers.

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That’s not correct with US customers. Only few were offered with local US account to start with. Now Revolut is trying to expand to a wider group.