Usability Flaws in Card Settings


Is not exactly a bug, but it definitely affects the interaction of your system.

Card security settings, is not compatible with the current user metaphor (selection=enable). Furthermore, your first option is inconsistent with the following ones.

First option, “Location based security” when is pink and has the V (ticked) sign means “security is enabled”.
For the following options, pink and “tick” means disabled. In your concept probably means “you enable, the disable feature”, but this is not how users think!

Being an HCI and still having to confirm it with a live agent probably proves my point (it can also prove that I am an idiot of course, but I have strong evidences against that hypothesis)


@Michalis Thank you for pointing this out and your feedback! Yes, the Location based security is “enabled” when the pink tick is added to the option, while the others are disabling the various card options. We try to not confuse users by putting “Disable” before each of the further options and providing a little description under each one. In essence, you are enabling each security feature as you activate them.