USA road trip

So my plan was to use my card in the states on my mini road trip. 3 weeks! However I’m a little concerned about a few things. I’m hoping they can be cleared up.

Is contactless easy enough in the states, as I’m hearing mixed reviews. Will these payments automatically use my USD?

I read on here that when paying a bill and you put a tip on your card that two payments show up. One the bill, and a second for the bill + tip.
Are both these amounts actually deducted from your account for a period of time?

Completely off subject a little :grimacing: if I loose my card. It is easy enough to get a replacement in the states or to transfer my funds back to my original account?

Thank you

Yes. The currency is defined by the merchant’s POS. More likely, they just use swipe and signature. So you might want to activate the mag stripe during your trip.

This really depends on how a merchant settles this. Two things can happen: the initial authorized amount (w/o tip) changes to a higher amount (w/ tip) after settlement. Or the initial amount will be refunded and the higher amount will be charged separately. In this case, money might be blocked twice but not deducted from your account for a couple of days. Again it is the responsibility of the merchant to refund the initial authorization quickly. They can do that within hours or wait until it expires after days.

1st happened more often to me than 2nd, but that is just my personal experience.

You can order a spare card before going on a trip :wink:

World wide express delivery is available for replacement cards. As long as you have access to your phone, you can of course transfer the money on your Revolut account to other bank accounts.