[USA] Revolut Business Needs List

I signed up for :r: Business in the USA before it was officially launched in all 50 states. Coming from an outdated bank account, Revolut Business is an incredible breath of fresh air. With that being said, there are a few items that need to be addressed if Revolut is going to succeed in the US market.

Major Items:

1 - There is no way to send or receive checks. I can manage without the ability to send checks, however, being a business that cannot receive checks is a massive downside. As a real estate and property management company, several of our property owners will pay us for services we provide via check. I understand that the rest of the world is far beyond check payments, but unfortunately they’re extremely common in the US.

2 - Incoming Wire. Again, as a real estate company that cannot accept checks, the ability to receive an incoming wire would alleviate some of the pain. As it currently stands, we can only receive incoming funds via ACH transfer. We have several real estate agents licensed under us. In the state of Florida, all sales commissions are paid by the property title processor of the transaction to real estate agents via check. Real estate agents are not allowed to deposit the check into their own accounts, they must be deposited into our business account and we then have to pay them. We have no way to deposit those checks unless we maintain another bank account from a different institution. Most title processing companies can send a wire, but I’ve never heard of one being able to send an ACH transfer.

Minor Items:

1 - Invoicing is labeled as “coming soon.” When invoices do finally arrive, they need the ability to receive payments directly. This would be incredible if we could use Revolut to send an electronic invoice, and the recipient could pay it upon receipt directly through Revolut.

2 - USA Merchant accounts. We use Authorize.net as our payment gateway and Elavon as the processor. We take payments for tenants to rent the properties we manage. It would be great if we had access to the Merchant account and payment processing tools that are available in Europe.

3 - A Revolut username for businesses, the same as personal accounts have. Currently there is no way to easily send and receive money from other Revolut accounts. Full account details must be shared instead of an easy @.

4 - Quickbooks integration that works on USA accounts. I have been trying to sync my Revolut account to Quickbooks for a couple weeks now and it never seems to work. It appears it is tailored to European accounts.

5 - Plaid support. Several business products require you to link your business account through Plaid. Sometimes there will be an option to link via account numbers, but more often if you cannot login via Plaid you’re out of luck.

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Nice “maiden speech”. You didn’t disappoint me :wink:.

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Haha! That’s good, there was a lot of pressure :joy:

How long where you placed in the waiting list if I may ask?

I signed our business up 2 months ago in the US and have not yet heard anything from Revolut.

So far it has not been the greatest experience.

@UMAGE I was never on a waiting list. I simply downloaded the Revolut business app and opened the account. I didn’t even know Business was in beta in the US until I received an email saying they launched in all 50 states.

Same here - opened the account in January, some of the things seemed irrelevant for stateside business but works pretty well so far… especially after some of the features that were updated following your posts!

Revolut is such an illegal app. With such a unprofessional staff. I opened an account 3 weeks ago and i am ready to cancel it asap. A week ago i received a transfer for a very big amount of money from a bank in the bahamas. The transfer was canceled from revolut and they confirmed the money was going to be returned to the sender account in 5 business days. Yesterday i chated with them, since there is no phone number to call, and they said the money wasn’t sent yet and they don’t know where it is. I tried to get some additional information from agate and i have never recevied any news. And i have been waiting for 20 hours. No response, no information of the money