USA Queue Bypass with Premium Account/Addtl Fee


Today I received a glowing recommendation of Revolut from a lovely couple on holiday in the US, excited, I researched the product and signed up. Unfortunately this has left me in a queue of 45,000+ with the opportunity to jump up the line if I encourage friends/family to sign up. Although reviews seem mostly positive, the setup advertised as speedy, and card shipment within 3 business days, I have been given a 10 day average wait time. If queue jumping is possible for those who recommend the product, would it not be prudent to take the toll road approach and offer front of the line access to those immediately willing to pay for Premium? Add an additional expediting fee? I travel inside the week and would happily pay said fee, yet coercing friends and family to sign up for a service(one I can’t possibly know if I like yet as I haven’t used it) only to receive an increased chance of receiving the product by its needed date seems an imprudent business practice at best. Apologies if this has been asked before/belongs under feedback.


Unfortunately if you’re based in the US, it is not possible yet to get a Revolut account there. Must be in EEA region.


Revolut has not issued ANY cards in the US. They are currently still setting up. There is no way (even if you pay) to get Revolut as a non citizen or resident of the EEA. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait.