/USA/ Hotel Deposit never refunded



I recently spent 4 days in the Avatar Hotel, Santa Clara, California in the USA.
When I arrived they asked for my card and took me 100$ total as a deposit.

The problem is that the hotel told me several times that this deposit was refunded, but it never appeared on my Revolut account.
How can I get my 100$ back?

Thanks everybody, I really need help I didn’t find anything yet.


Did you check your US dollar account in the app if the credit is listed there?


Such a refund can take up to more than two weeks.


Yes I checked nothing there


I can see you have two pending transaction 50$ each.


So this means that they’re going to arrive on my account?


The transaction is still pending merchant’s confirmation or reversal. If the merchant doesn’t revert the transaction explicitly, it will be reverted automatically in 7 days. You can expedite the reversal by getting the merchant to send us an email authorising us to reject the payment, along with the authorisation codes.


It’s been 8 days and still nothing back in my account…


Depending on the way the deposit was pre-authorized, it may in fact take 14 days to reverse it.

Simply go to these deposit transations in your Revolut account history and check their status. Are they ‘pending’ or ‘completed’? If ‘pending’, as Andreas suggested, then just keep waiting patiently for them to change to ‘reversed’ or something. It will eventually happen.

Before you get too nervuous- the whole idea behind card deposits was… to use credit cards or cards you don’t really care about balance for and so a couple of days doesn’t matter, too. Back in good old times, you wouldn’t even be able to see deposits on your credit card, unless they made it to the statement as processed transaction. :slight_smile:

Merchants hardly ever really reverse deposits manually; they just don’t charge the card and deposits are reversed automatically after 7 or 14 days. I bet this is what happened in your case. I’ve never seen a US Hotel returning the deposit manually, always had to wait.

So now- you just have to live with a few more days (up to 14 days I guess). Hang in there, the money will be back soon.

Let us know, please! Thanks.