Usa change

Hey! I’m french
I go to the USA how do I do to use my dollar account?

Hey @Gabriel :slight_smile:

Quite easy! :smile:
You have two options:

Exchange your money beforehand

  • Click the Accounts button in the top-left corner (it looks like a settings button)
  • Click USD and activate it
  • You can exchange money by clicking Exchange on the main screen

Do nothing

Seriosly, you can do nothing. Your money will be automatically converted from your EUR balance at the interbank rate for free (but a tiny 0.5% fee during weekends).

However, no matter what you do, please remember to fully validate your account and get all limits lifted before going on a trip with :r:, and also do some PIN+Chip transactions and bank withdrawals in France beforehand to avoid any trouble :blush:

Have a nice trip :sunny:


Thank you
okay so my dollar account is activated (I have $ 500) so it will be debited directly in US dollar and not euro

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Hey @Gabriel :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s how it will work :wink:

Keep in mind to refuse any conversion option you’re given. Always choose to be billed in USD while in USA, or in the local currency elsewhere to avoid DCC. More info:

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