USA: card refund fail. Solved!

I too have had a very positive experience using Revolut in the USA over the last year.
I did have one issue on my last trip though.
I was buying petrol and tried my Revolut card in the “pay at the pump” option. When it asked for the zip code I tried the 99999, that didnt work so I tried again just pressing enter when the zip code was requested. That didn’t work either.
So I went inside and prepaid $25 dollars on the Revolut card. when filled the car up it only took $20 :grinning:.
So I went back to the cashier for a refund, she told me that they didnt make the refund themselves but the difference would automatically be refunded to the card. I took that at face value but I did not get a refund to the card.

Hi @beeare,

Did they provide a refund confirmation? Can you send me a direct message with a little more information?

Thank you @Andreas for your help.

I have in fact had the refund.
I originally only saw the $25 value on the transaction and a GBP value. I was expecting a new transaction for the refund.
What happens in the original transaction is the refund shows in a reduce GBP value but the $25 remains on the transaction.

Now I understand how it works, thank you.

Always welcome @beeare :slight_smile: