US Savings Vaults

I see in the latest Android beta app that US savings vaults for US members has been introduced.

** US Savings: introducing US Savings Vaults for US team members. You’ll now be able to earn interest on your USD Vaults balances.**

Has anyone managed to open savings vaults in US???

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I saw it on Android Beta too. It would be nice if we could see GBP savings vaults for US customers and USD savings vaults for UK residents too.

Imagine being able to save money for your holiday at an exchange rate that’s favourable, and then earn interest on that money too :slight_smile:

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I hope it will be introduced to iOS users soon so that I can take advantage of the interest on my savings. Currently, I transfer my funds to another online savings account to earn interest. Hope Revolut can match the high-yield savings accounts.

Anyone is US has got access to savings vaults? If so, what’s the interest rate offered by Revolut?

I took a quick look and could not find any mention of interest.

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