US Expat Married to EEU Citizen


I’m a US Expat living in the UAE, however, my wife is a European Citizen, and we have addresses and phone numbers in the UAE, USA, and Europe. I don’t have EEU citizenship - but am curious how I could open an account? I downloaded the app and entered my UAE phone number, and my USA address and it put me on the waiting list. Am I stuck until Revolut opens for business in the US?


You don’t need citizenship, you need residency permit. :wink:

So every document that proofs your status of being a legal resident in any EEA country is sufficient. And in addition, you might need proof of address (if the ID card / Visa doesn’t show it).

But since you’re on a waiting list for the US now, you need help from support to change the address for you.

You could contact support via Twitter.