US Dollar withdrawal in London

Hello everyone!

I tried to withdraw US Dollars in London (Raphael Bank ATM in Picadilly Circus Tube Station). I could check my balance thru ATM, but could not withdraw US Dollars. The screen said “the transaction cancelled” and my card was returned.

Please advise me how I can solve this problem.


Not sure I understand the question - how did you hope to withdraw US currency from a UK ATM?

Am I mising something here?

Yes. You can withdraw US Dollars from very limited ATM in London.
Picadilly Circus is the one.

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Ah … Never knew that.
Sorry I can offer no help on this. Hopefully someone will come along who can.


Hi there. Did you try to make the transaction via chip & PIN?

Yes. I did via chip & pin.

Today I tried to withdraw GB Pounds from UK bank ATM and it was successful.

Was it because of no US dollars in the ATM of the Raphael Bank yesterday?

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Maybe it’s because of ATM’s provider’s regulations? In Poland you can withdraw EUR from Euronet’s ATM but only if your card is not recognised as EUR…,282,_wyplata_eur.html

I tried to withdraw US Dollars from same ATM in Piccadilly Circus Tube Station again and it was successful.

I assume there were no US Dollars in the ATM at that time.

FYI, there is another ATM in Piccadilly Circus Tube Station which dispenses Euros.



How much were the actual surcharges?
Which bills are given out? $20? :slight_smile:

There was no surcharges and rate was bank rate.
However, you need to be careful, during transaction, not to accept their (ATM Bank) offer to fix it at their rate, which is below the bank rate.

Bills are fresh $20s.

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If I withdraw euros using my revolut card (I already have euros loaded on the card) will I be charged a fee? Revolut allows me to withdraw 200 freely but will the atm charge me a fee?

@simonsimon34 Please note that some ATM providers might charge you a service fee.

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I withdrew only US Dollars using revolute card from Raphaels ATM in Piccadilly and they did not charge any ATM fee. I assume it is same for the Euros. ATM for the Euros is located several metres apart from that of US Dollars.


I went to PICCADILLY Circus ATM ( Rafael) yesterday , but it s not there anymore !
Need to withdraw US$ from my Revolut card , does anyone know where else I can withdraw Usd please ?

Raphaels Bank has plenty of ATMs around London, particularly in Tube staitons. The most likely one to support USD is at Canary Wharf tube. It definitely supports EUR, but I’m not sure about USD.

Avoid HSBC and M&S ATMs, all of which enforce dynamic currency conversion, even if the card is issued in the country of the currency being withdrawn. I once tried my HSBC USA debit card in an HSBC UK ATM, and it wanted to enforce DCC on that too, so I didn’t proceed.


Thank you very much for the information.