us dollar transfer random fees

I recently transferred 100 us dollars to my us dollar bank account. This transfer went through with no bank charges. I made another transfer for 500 us dollars. This time only 480 dollars arrived in my bank account. I complained to Revolut about this charge and they informed me that an anonymous intermediary bank made this charge and that they have no control over these intermediary banks. Making us dollar transfers from Revolut are a matter of pot luck and be warned that some of your money may be missing when your bank account is credited.


Out of curiosity: Which bank (company and country) would be the one receiving the 500 USD?

In both cases it was Lloyd’s Bank Gibraltar. This bank did not make the charge. Only 480 dollars arrived in my account. The charge was made by a mystery intermediary bank and revolut refuse to identify this bank.The revolut transfer facility is based on pot luck it would seem.Depending on which mystery intermediary bank is involved in the transaction.

Hey, I’ve been making quite a few international payments and can tell you that this is quite common. Most bank use an intermediary bank when sending international payments, especially in USD. So, in addition to the sending fee, there is usually a handling fee by the intermediary bank and then the balance is transferred to your account.

Banks being banks somehow always manage to find an excuse to charge! Nothing to do with Revolut.

This article explains the fees;

Thanks for that information Hibbleton. That clarifies that it’s not Revolut making the bank charges. Needless to say I will not be sending any more Us dollar transfers.

I have this issue with euros to spanish bank too. Sending 600 euros and only 599 50 arrive in bank again Revolut blame beneficiary bank but receiving bank bank say no they only received 599 50. So missing 50 c somewhere. If this happens for lots of people will soon mount up