US citizen, no revolut? Advice?

My gf is American citizen and traveled back with me to Europe where I live.
She use credit card and had lost the new one she had, and her current one expire end of this month.
I thought revolut would be easy fix as we can top up with the credit card she have back in USA somewhere in her home as we got that card info.

We had set up a revolut account for her with my home address so we get it where she will use it. As we already in Europe. The card will arrive today. She has become premium member.

Now the problem is verification. We did try 2 times, but the waiting for confirmation is just disappearing after a while. No notification that verification got declined.

Contacted revolut and they say they only accept EEA (or something like that). And as she is American she cannot be verified.
I never got answer why because the support went away and the new support that was gonna take over didn’t.

I guess if she cannot be verified if there’s anyone who have advice how she can use her money in Europe when her credit card she got here expire?

And why does revolut have option for Americans to send in for verification and even possibility to become member and premium on revolut if they cannot even use the service ?
We have had got no clear info on this before becoming premium.

Please res this:

And this:

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She should be able to order a new credit card delivered somewhere to a verified location. Same as if she lost her credit card while travelling.
I assume she has no other way to access her money? For future reference traveling with only one source of funding is not advisable.