US bank account numbers for non-US residents



will you be offering US bank account numbers for your non-US based clients anytime soon? If so, when will this be available?

I am having the trouble that I need to make USD payments but some of the recipients don’t accept payments from third party accounts, i.e. payments need to come from a USD bank account in my name. I’m a UK based premium client.

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Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, we’re working on personal USD IBANs. Aiming for the first half of 2018, along with our US expansion​:rocket::us_outlying_islands:


Will you support ACH transfers then? For our Canadians friends, do you have plans for CAD accounts (with ACCS transfers maybe?)

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Yes, we’re working on personal USD IBANs

@AndreasK, domestic US accounts don’t have IBANs - they have routing and account numbers.

Are there plans to offer truly local accounts, like TransferWise do?


Yes. Please check this: Revolut has landed in the USA!


Hello! Just curious if there is a status update on USD IBANS?

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Any update on US IBANs? I’m looking to receive proceeds from US company but they will not transfer to a prepaid card account. I’m guessing that’s what my Revolut US account will look like to them unless I can give them a US IBAN?