US accounts


Hi…I was wondering, are the US accounts that are gonna come soon gonna be based in US with a us acc number etc. Or just european accounts with ibans that accept usd currency??
You see if we wanna transfer usd from my paypal to revolut now they convert the usd to euros and they are ripping us off…
But if the new accounts are US based (1st occasion) we will be able to tranfer USD into them wihtout papal converting.
If they are just european accounts with ibans that are accepting usd currency though (2nd occasion), the same convertion thing is gonna happen


Hey fortuloco. It have previously on this forum been stated that local us accounts (us based) will come with their expansion into the US.


Not to mention that the USA don’t support the IBAN.
International transfers usually go through the SWIFT network, which indeed has a lot of fees.

As @henrikbjorn mentioned, the expansion to the US and Australia will bring local accounts for everyone :+1: