US account


Is there any update when you will introduce individual US Bank accounts for NON us residents (EU -citizen).


Hard to say because they have to check US laws.

IBANs for USD accounts are coming “soon” (LOL) but I don’t have any hope for US accounts located in US for non-US residents.


Hi there. Individual US IBANs are coming along with our US expansion.

European Accounts for Premium users or with a fee to ordinary users

It will be available to all users :slight_smile:


When will that be exactly? Also waiting for the Canadian accounts.


That’s coming along with our US & Canadian expansion. Aiming for Q1 this year.


Wondering how this is going. I am from Europe and for my USD account I still have the IBAN instead of the ACH routing for my US account. Did you guys postpone the implementation?


Any news on the US expansion?

Will you guys be supporting Echeck aka Direct Debit?


+1 It would be great to have ACH account number