Uruguay VAT Reimbursement

Hi there!

So since last year, and thanks to the Financial inclusion Law, Uruguay offers a direct VAT (22%) reimbursement on all payments processed with an international credit/debit card. Duly and happily did so, but I have been charged the full amount on my revolut account - any ideas on why?

I would ask the merchant about this.

Hi Frank,

We did, the merchant charged us the discounted amount (I will attach the receipts later) and told us to contact our card company.

Hm, if a merchant charged you a certain amount, Revolut does not add VAT. They only deduct from your card what hits their systems. If you still have the bill, I recommend you take a photo and send it to support. They should be able to look into it.

Perfect! Will do later.

Thanks Frank

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The two tickets in question, with the pre (IMPORTE) and post VAT (Total a Pagar)
totals indicated. The amount charged on Revolut was the import (1650 and 1200 UYU, instead of the reduced amounts - 1517.46 and 983.61)

I recommend you discuss this with the support (in app chat).

ok all solved ! got the reimbursement today

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Hi! I have same issue.

How do you solve it?

I’m trying to have a solution from Revolut app support but I didn’t have any result yet.

Hola Nacho!

Nothing to worry about - you will be reimbursed in 24 hours.

Thank you Harisap but for que the moment Support told me they can’t change the amount charged.

I don’t understand because i sent the tickets pictures with the amount to pay (“TOTAL A PAGAR”) printed and i’ve been charged a higher amount.

I’ve been in Uruguay before using another cards and i never had any problem with the VAT deduction law for foreign when paying in restaurants.

Finally i received a VAT refund from 4 merchants (restaurants), looks like directly from them, not from Revolut.
Last refund was received today, 6 days after the payment at the restaurant.

We split the restaurant bill between some collegues and all of them were charged the amount printed (VAT excluded) but me. I was the only one who paid with Revolut Card and the only one charged printed amount PLUS VAT.

Althoug i’ve been refund after few days, i don’t recommend use Revolut card when paying in Uruguay VAT excluded services for foreign like hotels, restaurants, etc.

Very happy with my Revolut but not for this places in Uruguay.

Hi Nacho,

As I said earlier, there is nothing to worry about - if your purchase implies no VAT, the merchant will directly reimburse you, some delays may apply but if you are entitled to any type of VAT exemption by the Uruguayan govt, it will be duly applied.
In my case it was a tricky situation and regardless Revolut worked marvels - I paid with my GBP balance and was duly VAT refunded in Euros.

Thank you for all harisap.

Interesting to know about the VAT in Uruguay thanks. Did you find any ATM’s that do not charge to withdraw by the way? So far the ones I have used charge about 199 pesos or 6 USD. Thanks (still works out better using the card to take out pesos than changing GBP to pesos from cash though).

Do we receive the vat discount in supermarkets too?

Just found out that redbrou atms charge only 100 pesos each withdrawal too. Banred 199 or so.


Didn’t withdraw money at ATMs so can’t answer that one, but as regards supermarkets, no, no VAT reimbursement there back in 2017 because the law only applied to touristic stores and outlets (bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and hostels, even clothing shops and malls) but no supermarkets and the like.

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My refund from Macdonalds came through! Nice. As I used MC I made the purchase on Friday and received the refund on Monday. Must try in El Faro ice cream shop because the kids spend a fortune in that place.

I see it’s 22% over the NET value not Gross.