Urgently trying to cancel a transfer

Hello there,

I’ve just sent a transfer this morning and mistakenly missed the box which asks for a “reference” before sending.

I want to cancel this payment immediately before it is “confirmed” so I can resend with the reference attached…

I tried to speak to an agent but it says there is a long wait time.

I cannot cancel my payment which is without reference and nor can I speak to anyone to cancel it.

I’m panicking please help.

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Don’t panic :slight_smile:
In the worst case scenario you will have to ask them for manually assign you transfer to your Revolut account

My understanding is the OP made a payment from Revolut and had to include a reference number.

Thank you for the reassurance redi.

The sooner I can have this payment cancelled the better!

So I can resend it to the company with a reference attached.

Yes that’s correct, I didn’t see the reference box under the payment

Live agent is your main option.
They can cancel it if transfer still pending.
If it’s completed, then you will need to get in touch on other side where money supposed to arrive.