URGENT: Wirecard bankrupt and revolut card

Dear staff,

could you please ensure that the Revolut cards will still be working as of today? A lot of other digital banks who used to rely on Wirecard will have their cards blocked as of today.



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Wirecard has had their operations regarding regulated activities suspended as of today in a the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ruling

AFAIK Wirecard only ever was a card issuer for Revolut and not even responsible for processing payments or issuing e-money, meaning Revolut should be okay, I think?

I don’t know, a friend of mine just posted this:

I’m not sure either, to be honest. I’ll try giving @ChadWest a tag on Twitter and asking for a swift statement

Edit: Revolut already posted about it


Revolut has also provided Finextra with a statement: “Revolut used Wirecard only as an acquirer in certain locations, enabling customer card ‘top-ups’. We were already in the process of a phased migration from Wirecard to diversify our suppliers since late 2019. When we learned of Wirecard’s problems, we migrated the remaining customers to alternative providers worldwide to avoid any potential service disruption.”

It seems it dodged the (W-shaped) bullet… :smile:

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So older cards issued by wirecard are still working ?

yes , everything works as usual


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