Urgent: What is the reason for my revolut account not being top up wheras money has been withdrawn from bank?

You might know this already. But my parents are currently in Turkey for holidays, I have transferred money to Revolut bank account from their own bank. ( so Abn amro to Lloyds bank) I understand that it takes 3 days to transfer the money but it is almost 8-9 days and the money is still not arrived in their revolut account. I asked the support team to help and they told me finance team is looking into it…

However it is really urgent in this case as my parents require the money because they need it as Thursday is the wedding of my cousin…

Anyone can help me here?


Meme situation virement effectué vendredi est toujours rien

Hello there.

Could you please let reach out our support team so we can help. Sounds like you have used our pooled EUR account instead of your personal EUR IBAN.


Andreas K.