Urgent - UK Local Bank Transfer into Revolut account


My daughter has made me a £400 bank transfer for an émergence. It was from her HSBC UK bank account into my GBP revolut account. The funds have been debited from her account via the fastest route.

My account is still not credited. I urgently need the money. Please help assign the payment to my account! @anon33247966 please help if possible!


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Same situation, still waiting for a GBP transfer that usually takes about an hour and it’s been 1 day

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It is unacceptable that so many people are in this situation with noone from revolut to respond. Not professional for a start up that raised so much funds and has high ambitions. Very upsetting!

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You should be happy to know that :r:'s service is just as unprofessional to free users as to paying businesses.

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Same here. It seems like revolut doesn’t give a flying fuck about fulfilling their end.
Think about it:

They get YOUR money at any given time. They buy criptocurrencies with that money. One full day later, they make the money show up in your account. However, They keep up to 10% of the amount, as the criptocurrencies are raising about 10% a day.

And, I just used the chat support and the bot says that an agent will reply to me in FOUR hours. Which means 2am in Britain.

What did we expect from a shady Western European business owner? There is certainly a lot of money being made and “disappearing” like the coins you leave in your laundry basket accidentally.

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:r: got no access to our funds,neither they can play with it :slight_smile:
Customer support got to improve,thats thru ,but don’t make false accusations :slight_smile:


These will only be false accusations when I am proved wrong. Until then, they are accusations only.
It’s very suspicious. Cryptocurrency is sky rocketing in the last week and “coincidencially”, the monies take days to arrive in our accounts.
Think about it: thousands of customers transferring thousands of pounds to Revolut and all this could be easily DOUBLED within a week. Just in the last 24 hours, Ethereum has gone up by 3.3% Do the maths and think about how many thousands of pounds they could be making if my suspicion is correct.
I will report this to the FSA first thing in the morning on Tuesday, after the bank holiday. I used to work there, I have contacts there and I swear I will take this to the last resorts I possibly can.
I also want compensation based on cryptocurrency prices. They pay me, I stay quiet. They don’t pay me, I will call my buddies in the FSA.

Good luck :+1::joy::joy: :slight_smile:


I also sent a local GBP payment from my RBS account to Revolut on Saturday morning, but it hasn’t yet appeared in my Revolut account. Everything I’ve found searching Google suggests it should take a couple of hours at most?

Yes it should take a couple hours at most. I’m waiting since Friday.

I also made a SEPA euro transfer who usually takes 1-2 days and it took 4.

So it seems this is a Revolut issues with all currencies, not just GBP

I really dont know should i cry or laugh. People
should know banks dont actually work on weekends!!!?!?!!

Bank holiday weekend :slight_smile:

You should definitely cry in shame, not only has this been a problem since the start of the week, but UK faster payments transfers work weekends and bank holidays…


I made a transfer 2 weeks ago of 5,000 EUR. When I enquired why it hadn’t been credited to my account I was told that there was a limit issue with the account. I was told that a dedicated team would look into it. 6 days later still nothing! The money is still not showing in my account nor has it been returned. When I ask for an update on help chat there is no response. Revolut have had my money for 2 weeks now going on 3 and I can’t get to speak to anyone!!!

I transfered 100 GBP from local HSBC account yesterday. I think I lost these 100 GBP. UK online banking system is one of the fastest in the world. Is not possibile that the transfer takes more than 6 hours.

I promoted Revolut by my friends, lot of them started because using Revolut. But no more. I can understand technical issues etc, but where is any official information from Revolut in this case? Revolut online chat doesn’t work.

Transfers in and out been broken since Friday but support is claiming it’s cuz the payment processor doesnt work weekends…nonsense. All other accounts working fine.

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A personal recommendation, Revolut’s forum goes extremely well with popcorn :wink:


From various reports here, I assume Revolut’s payment processor right now can’t be reached via Faster Payments, or something in that Faster Payments does not work like it is supposed to work.

This is the official snippet from the Help Center:

Transfers usually take about 4 hours from a UK account but can sometimes take up to 1 full working day. BACS payments can take up to 3 working days and international transfers (such as from Poland and Switzerland) can take anywhere between 1 and 4 working days.

So some payments might be arrive on Tuesday, since Monday is a bank holiday.


I have, after 6 days of waiting, had a reply from help chat. It seems now that I am back to where I was on Monday 30/04/18. I was told then that the issue would be referred to a dedicated team and would need to wait 96 hours. 154 hours later I am told the same I.e. referral and another 96 hours. Am I to suppose that after 250 hours things might just start happening or will I be in the same position again. They still have my 5,000 EUR!!!

Assuming the blame really lays on their payment processing partner, shouldn’t :r: do something to improve the situation or at least publicly apologize and give some estimates of when will this be resolved?

Unicorns don’t hide in burrows. @revolut?