Urgent- Trying to increase top-up limit


I am trying, for the last 5 days, to increase my top-up limit. I’ve moved to the UK and I’m using my Revolut account to receive my salary, but it’s almost reaching its limit and my next pay day in this friday… The request should have ben processed in 24 hours but I had no response so far. I’ve been trying to contact support but no one replied.


Use support chat and ask for: Live agent
If chat don’t answer,you can still state your matter and support team will get back to you.
You can try contact revolut on l twitter or facebook aswell :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’ve been doing that but no answer…


So try catch them on Twitter or Facebook (DM)


Hi there.

We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.


Thank you, problem solved!


Hello @AndreasK,
Can you please help me as well? I have exactly the same request, trying to increase my yearly top-up limit, but cannot see any button to do so. i tried to contact live chat on the app but this is not working, no answers.

Please help?
many thanks,


Sure. Please let me have a look.


I’ve escalated your chat to our compliance team, Wanda will contact you via in-app chat. Thanks for you patience.


thank you @AndreasK for your help!


I am waiting for two days now and I am a premium customer. Please help me get me an answer from support!


@AndreasK hi. Any chance you could help me with similar issue please - I have submitted funds sitting as pending because they exceed my limit but there seems no in-app way to request an increase to cover it… and I want to send more. Thanks in advance


Dear @AndreasK,
I was in contact with Wanda but were not able to finalise the initial request. I keep on writing on the support space on the app but i have unfortunately no answers… :frowning:
Many thanks,


Dear @AndreasK,
I think there is an issue with my support chat page on the app. It seems that the chat is blocked?
still have issue as well with increasing my limit.
thank you in advance for your help,


We’ve verified your account!


Seems like you have managed to increased your limits, am I right?


Hello @AndreasK,
We have managed to organise a first increase however the limit is still to low, I requested for a second increase which Wanda said that she can organise this depending on the documents I can provide to her. Then the chat support cut and I never got the chance to talk to her again.
Can you please put me in contact with her again? Or help me with this request?
Many thanks,


We’ve increased your limit :slight_smile:


And it’s all ok now! That you for your help!!