URGENT: top up amount not found on my card!!!


This is an urgent matter as I have top up my account through a bank transfer but the funds do appear in my account although my bank has confirmed that the transfer went through !!!
Considering the amount, I would like an immediate response from the Revolut team otherwise I will have to take action. A trust relationship between Revolut and its customers is key if you want us to continue to use the service!!
Looking forward to reading from the team soon


Did you include your personal reference in the transfer details?


YES ! Of course … still waiting for a feedback from the Revolut team!!! This is unacceptable when it comes down to their customers ’ money the service must be irreproachable!! At this stage, I am very dissapointed … wait and see !


I understand this can be very frustrating, but I assure you the issue will be resolved. I know that’s not supposed to happen but at this point I would suggest giving them a bit more time.
If you need a quicker answer, contact Revolut via private Facebook message.


I wish you’re right but so far it shows only that Revolut services is a mess !!!