Urgent Q on ordering Revolut Card


When you have ordered a Revolut card, what does the card page look like in the app? The page for me looks exactly the same as it did before i ordered it, just a grey rectangle with

’ add new Revolut card, Virtual, Physical etc’

Now I am just wondering if the app actually registered that I ordered the physical card, also no money has been taken from my account for the delivery fees…

Slightly worried, as I need the card for travelling very soon and I will need to order another right away.

Thanks for any help!

Does it say your card is in production? After ordering a card, you should see an estimated delivery date. At least this is what I saw a two months ago when I ordered a replacement card.

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it says nothing like that, just the original screen which was there when I opened the app for the first time.

When you ordered yours, did it show the card with the name you gave it in the card page of the app?

Did the delivery fees get deducted from your the sum of money in your account?

Thanks for replying

It definitely took the delivery fee 6 pound from the account when I ordered mine. It also states a delivery date at the card overview. So I am not sure whether you really ordered it. Contact the in app support to make sure !

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Sounds like it hasn’t been ordered then…

There is no delivery date or any card shown, just that grey box.

It did ask me to do the verification process after the final step of ordering, which i did but I don’t think it said anything about reordering. When you ordered yours did it ask you to do this? Or had you already done it before ordering?

Another point, does the bank account part of the card need to be activated for this to work?

I would contact in app support, but it is saying support is offline so you guys are my support!

I think i will just order it again to make sure it arrives before I leave on my trip.

Thanks for your message.

I did my verification after ordering and it did not ask me to do that, just when I topped up the account.

What do you mean by the bank account part ? Under the bank account there is only the instructions to wire transfer money to your account.

Oh right, I keep forgetting about the time difference to London and the chat times.

As far as I remember that there was definitely a sign under your card which said the arrival time of the card when I ordered it.
Worst case you’re losing 6 pounds for another card, but that is usually booked from your account instantly after ordering, so if there is nothing which indicates a placed order, I would assume that it did not go through, but don’t blame me if you’re getting 2 :wink:

Hope that helps out,

Happy to help you out here !

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I ordered it again. This time it definitely worked, got the card image, with order date, expected posted date, delivery date and delivery fee deducted from my account.

Thanks so much for helping me out, without it I probably would have not had a card anytime soon!


Sounds good ! Glad to help you out getting your :r: