Urgent please help: money blocked for 4 days


Hello team, I am a premium user. it’s been since last thursday that I am waiting a transfer on my account. The money was blocked because I reached the yearly limits but I provided all the necessary documents but nobody is replying to me in the chat!!! I urgently need to make a payment! Please assist!

Thanks in advance


I’ll tag @AndreasK and @JessicaZ for you.
In the meantime you can contact them via Twitter.


Hi redi, thanks but kindly reply in your official support channel (App Chat). Much easier for me to follow.

Thanks a lot.


Redi - like almost everyone on here, is just another Revolut user such as yourself.
I’d try Twitter if I was you.


Hello Please this is getting really urgent. Travel agent is expecting a payment from me ASAP. The deadline for the payment was last Friday. It’s a decent sum and for an important scope (honeymoon). Please help me.



Hi there. As I can see your chat has been escalated to our compliance team, please allow time as we’re currently reviewing your documents.


Hi Andreas I appreciate that but now that the 96 hours have passed I really need this to be solved by end of day.
Thanks for your understanding


Resolved thanks a lot