URGENT Phone non compatible for revolut app how can i retrieve my funds?


Hi my phone as been stolen and i have a old one that does not support the revolut app how can i retrieve my funds? or make a wire transfer?


You can use a android emulator such as Nox App Player.


You can also borrow a friend’s phone temporarily. But you need access to text messages sent to your old phone number to be able to log in on new devices.


Thanks Which one i am on Mac…


i’d which too they all have simlocked phones…


Then you need to get in contact with support. They can provide you the necessary code that is usually sent as a text message for logging in on a new device.


Blue stack works on Mac too as I remember :slight_smile:

And Revolut works on Bluestack


thanks will try those ones :slight_smile:


none of them work :frowning:


You might want to search this forum and get in contact with users that sucessfully run the app on Android emulators.


I tried but i only found people on pc only…


I use Nox App Player on my MacBook. It works fine, just download it through Google play store. :blush:


Will try again :slight_smile: thanks Henri! are you on high Sierra?


Yup, more precisely the latest developer preview.


Duuuuude you ar such a life saver!!! :star_struck::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:
this is beyond amazing!!! thanks