Urgent payment matter


Urgent. I understand there were technical difficulties but I have not received my wages. I should have received them around lunch time on Friday when the rest of my colleagues received theirs, it’s now almost 10pm on Saturday and still nothing! I have rent to pay and I need to know this will be fixed ASAP and have received no response from online support all day!


Hello @Katelin :slight_smile:

You published another post on these forums around two hours ago:

I’m afraid it’s unlikely you will receive any answer before Monday in here :frowning:
Neither on Twitter or the in-app support chat unless you’re a premium user :persevere:

If it was extremely urgent, consider the trial premium period (free to cancel, unless you order another card) which includes 24h support :confused:


Hey @Katelin,

Please let me know if you need help. I can see that you have received a payment yesterday form Fogg’s Restaurant.