URGENT : No response from RITA nor from Live Agent

I have uploaded my additional required documents to verify my identity but it is 5 days i didn’t receive any responses, whether it is ok or not, nothing!
I contacted the live agent, he said he will connect me to the relevant team but it is 3 days that i got no response. The worst part is that it is 2 days that RITA and Live Agent are not replying me at all. I have an important travel next week so I really need my card. Please resolve this issue ASAP.

P.S. I have already received my card, just it is not active.

Many thanks

Hey @Fer :slight_smile:

That’s not normal, and is most probably a glitch in the chat :frowning:

Here you can check other ways to get in touch with :r: and solve this as quick as possible:

Thanks, how about waiting for 5 days to verfy my documents? (It is 5 days that I am waiting, without any responses)
It is taking a long time and I have a vacation just next week :frowning:

Hey again @Fer :slight_smile:

This has been discussed at least 5 other times in the forums today. Basically, :r: is receiving an unusually high amount of requests that’s making it difficult for them to timely resolve all the requests :frowning:

Getting in touch with them through one of the methods provided should solve the problem :star2:

What are the ways? Only Twitter? It seem they are not responding through the FB. Right?

I have already sent my request to Twitter, I am waiting :frowning:

@anon33247966 could you please help on this? It is 5 days that I am waiting for verification of my documents and I have an important travel soon, I need the card ASAP.


Hi there. Thank you for you patience. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.


Andreas K

Hi, I actually have the same problem. I sent my money 1 week ago, but has not received it yet. I asked live agent to solve this issue, but no one replied to my call for support. What should I do?