Urgent - missing transfer


I transferred 1000e on my revolut account. The payment went through on my bank account but nothing appears on revolut. No one is replying on the chat. Can you help me pls? It’s urgent and quite a lot of money.
Ref is 10984612


Hello @Demaziou,

Thank you for contacting us.

Just to clarify, international transfers take up 3 working days to reach your account. You can contact our in app support team and send the bank transfer confirmation so we can take a look if this transfer has reached our system.


Andreas K.


I made a transfer from my UBS account in Switzerland on the 07.07.17 of CHF 1’000. The amount has been withdrawn from my bank account but still not appear on Revolut. “Live agent” does not reply on the “Support” function of the app. I can send the payment details in a private message.
Could you help me to sort this out?