URGENT Logout accidently and can't login


Hi accidently I hit the logout link and now the app is requesting details as a new revolution account. Anyone had the same problem? I’m taking a flight that gets now so it’s kind of urgent.

Thanks for the help



I have the same problem, and so far i still not have a solution :frowning:

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I’m trying the reach support through Twitter probably you can do the same

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Did you find a way? Was it a bug?

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Mam ten sam problem nie mogę się zalogować na moim telefonie ( iPhone XS Max)
Aplikacja tworzy nowe konto.
Nie wiem co dalej zrobić
Nie mogę też skontaktować się z działem obsługi po przez aplikację.
Pomocy proszę!!!

I have the same problem I can not log in to my phone (iPhone XS Max)
The application creates a new account.
I do not know what to do next
I can not contact the service department via the application.
Help please !!!



Maybe @AndreasK can help.



I have the same problem, help please



I am having the same problem too, after switching phones. I tried to login using my number but that led to a duplicate account being created with nothing in it!



I have the same problem for 2 month I cantcant access at my account anymore. So i dont use anymore revolut.
I would like find solution but no people reply me.
Facebook, twitter here no one have a solution.



both my partner and I are having the same problem! we are now logged out of our accounts.
Anyone found a way to solve this please?

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