URGENT: IBAN problem



I am expecting a refund from a EUR company and they have made this to the IBAN FI1233010001343292 which is where the payment came from. This is not the IBAN for my account! What will happen?


Hello @Ryang95,

What to you mean you’re expecting a refund? Is it a refund from a canceled payment?

Where did you find this IBAN?


What will happen is that the refund will go to the IBAN you provided. No idea where you got that from but it seems not related to :r: Might want to contact the company where you’ll get the refund from and your bank to provided your IBAN to your account since it looks like it’s not yours ?



They got the IBAN from the payment in. Having spoken with support they’ve advised that they can arrange a refund back to them. Maybe the IBAN is from a processing company or something?


If you send them money via bank transfer the IBAN should be yours but as far as I know you can’t send money with :r: to third parties so I don’t see where this IBAN is coming from. :r: should have a GB… IBAN since they are based in the UK.

But maybe I am missing the point here…



I think as it was EUR then there is a generic IBAN. Support advised that they don’t accept third party non GB top ups so once they’ve received transfer confirmation they can arrange a refund. Sorry if this is confusing, I’m not sure what’s going on myself - is there a way to attach screenshots of the conversations?


Okay, lets sort this out: one can indeed make payments to third parties and businesses with Revolut internationally like someone could make a regular bank transfer. The payee will see a payment from “The Currency Cloud Ltd”, via SEB bank with a Finnisch IBAN. – This is what I can see if I transfer funds from my Revolut card to my EUR current account.

@Ryang95, what you didn’t make clear here is what kind of refund you’re talking about. Did you pay with your Revolut card and are expecting a refund? Or did you use Revolut’s “send money” option to send the money? Or did you use the “Bank Transfer” option?

Now in your latest response, you’re talking about topping up. Did an incoming transfer, a top-up of your Revolut account, not an outgoing payment from the Revolt account, fail?


Ah, and yes, you can attach screenshots. There is an upload button in the editor.


Thank you very much for the clarification. I wasn’t aware I can send money to third parties and that it is send back from :r: to your account with a Finnish IBAN. Now this whole issue is a bit clearer.

@Ryang95 please upload some more information. Screenshots and what Frank asked would help us to sort the issue and help you out with your problem.



Thank you for the information, it’s good to know the money hasn’t gone to a random bank.

Sorry for the lack of info yesterday, I was a bit flustered if you couldn’t tell!

I initially made a bank transfer of €450 to them, a Croatian company, the refund was to be made via bank transfer. They got the IBAN for the refund from the transfer to them. Which as you said will be the SEB bank.

I’m just in the process of obtaining transfer confirmation from them in order for Revolut to return the money. They will then pay directly to my card.


I am glad you found the upload button :wink:


Currently you can top-up your Revolut account only from a bank account registered in your name. Transfers from third parties, including but not limited to companies, friends & family, will be returned to the sender’s account after deducting processing fees of £5.


Apparently they can make payment direct to my card, how would they do that? Would I simply pass my card number over?


Is this refund from a canceled payment?


No, the original payment went through, was a hotel booking. Had to cancel due to flights so they issued bank transfer back which is where the mess up has occured


So this will depend on whether it is a system refund for your payment or a new payment made to your account. If they send it as a new payment to your account it will be rejected by :r:.


Hm, this is what I think about it.

A card payment refund is simple. A refund is simply routed back through Mastercards infrastructure.

But with “bank transfers”, it’s complicated. Since a Revolut account is not a regular bank account, Revolut and its intermediates make a payment in for you to a third party. This is really out of the ordinary and totally understandable that a business partner does not understand the limitations and specifics of this kind of payment infrastructure.

To make it even more complicated, payments and top-ups (incoming payments) are routed differently, I believe.


Yes. Revolut is not yet a full fledged current account.


OK great. So what the need to do is get bank the transfer and then proceed with a card refund. It takes up to 5 working days for a refund to appear in your account. We advice you to request a refund confirmation.


I have a similar issues. I paid for my deposit using Revolut, and the landlord accidentally sent the money via a standard bank transfer back to the IBAN it came from, namely FI1233010001343292.

I suppose I am not the first one and the last one, who is going to have this issue. Is there a general way, how one can enquire about cancelling / refunding this transfer? It would be very helpful.