URGENT I CAN’t see the PIN

Hello everyone.
I’m in travel and it is urgent. I can’t see in the section Card of my app the button “show me the pin”
Could you please tell me how to do?
To take money from the ATM I need that pin!
Is the same pin to enter the app?
Thank you!

No, app and card PINs are two different PINs. When ordering a new card, you picked that one. You need internet connection to retrieve the pin. If it does not show up, log out and back in again. That might help.

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Thank you very much! But I did what you suggested me, but it doesn’t work!
I also used the chat with revolut but they never reply me! And I don’t know how to do

Have you tried “live agent” in the chat?

Showing the PIN works for me here. So it does not look like Revolut’s servers are down or something. You could also try to delete and reinstall the app.

Are you using the lattes version of the app?

I use the latest version of the app, and I also tried to delete and reinstall it.
I don’t know why :frowning: as I never used the pin, I can’t use the contactless payment.
You are very kind trying to help me! The live support chat doesn’t reply!!! It is about from yesterday that I try to chat with them, but they never reply

Maybe chat and PIN are offline for you for the same reasons? I would try Twitter, they are usually quite fast there and they can help as well.

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Just to confirm, are you carrying out the following?

When logged onto the app,

  • Select ‘Cards’
  • Then select ‘View PIN’

The app should then ask you for your login pin and, once this entered, display the card PIN for 5 seconds.