Urgent: How To Solve My Revolut Card To Be Constantly Declined?



You might already know the solution. But, my keeps on declining when I want to withdraw cash from a Atm in Istanbul. I am out of cash, and the card does not work in a store as well.

It is a bit urgent and Our big friend Rita is very helpful but she does not completely understand my problem.

So help is extremely appreciated! Since i want to buy at least some food to survive.



Hey there! I’ve written you a private message to help!



I’m having the same problems in Indonesia & Customer Services claims problems has been resolved and had another go of purchasing something in the shop and card has been declined again!!! So fed up with this and customer services not responding as a matter of urgency.


Is your card enabled in the Cards tab in the app?


Dear Larysa

Thank you all is good now



Hi, I’m having the same issue, card keeps getting declined. I have checked and the card is enabled and don’t know what else to do. Any help is appreciated, thanks.