Urgent help needed, card blocked



So the phone and number connected to my account was lost about 5 months ago, I have only just replaced the phone which iS NOT a smart phone. I have had no problems upo untill now as the apo hasnt been necessary - ive just been topping up my card with smal amounts and withdrawing it all straight away,

However, last night i topped up 50euros onto the card and the card will not work in any atm or store, i desperately need the money back as that was literally the last of my money.

I have no smart phone, and different number

what can i do?


To be honest, without a Smartphone and the App I don’t know how you can resolve your issue.

For me the best thing to do is to find a new SmartPhone then ask for a phone number change.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi @tomcocker,

find a friend who has a smartphone, then download :r: again and ask the support to change your number, so you get the control for you account back.

Please also check Here for a similar problem and the I lost my phone FAQ


You can install Android emulator (such as Bluestacks), then install Revolut :wink:


Out of interest how have you been topping up your card with no app?


Once you have set up your card as a payee on my internet banking its just like transfering money to any account, the card stil works, it can receive money without the app, you just cant move it again or check how much is in it


I think I can help :slight_smile: Can you send me a direct message?


@AndreasK how do i send a direcct message?


You have to wait 24h from you’ve signed up (now-about two hours :wink:)


Anybody can help me with block card???
I lost my phone and card - support!!! wake up!!!
Answer me!!!


I assume you need to block card - not to get help with a blocked card ???

If so have you reported the card lost via the telephone number?

‭+44 20 3322 8352‬


man, I dont have a phone! I cant call


As I said in your other post - are there no telephones wherever you are in the world?