URGENT: Card Verification Failure


My card has just been declined booking a hostel online, and the Revolut app tells me I need to verify my card for security reasons. The way that this happens is to input the code from the last top up in my bank statement and take a photo of the card. When I do that, it says that the code is wrong, and I have 3 tries remaining. I have done it twice and have 2 tries remaining.

I have tried the in-app support but it says they are experiencing a high volume of calls and the support closes in 1.5 hours.

I am going on holiday tomorrow and I need access to the £800 in my account while I am away. Please help!




@AndreasK? Please help!


I also cannot verify my card! Support needed please!


HI @Able & @td757,

Sure, let’s get in touch via a direct message so I can help you out.


I would love to if the direct chat went through to a human.
Is there any other method we can sort this out?


I mean a direct message here :slight_smile: I will do this for you.


All sorted - thank you Andreas!


Eventually I have my card authenticated. The problem arose after I moved addresses. Despite updating the app with my new address for my card I use to top up, it reverted to my old address! Also it doesn’t tell you to verify using the 4 digit code from the card that is not verified (I must point out that this card was authenticated in the past). I used Apple Pay after my card failed which worked fine but this 4 digit code, despite this being my last top up, did not verify the card. Better instructions, i.e. “Please enter the 4 digit code from the last top up using this card” would have saved me and Revolut a lot of grief, time I consumed using support etc.


Please help! Struggling abroad


Hi Andreas. I am trying to help my mom to verify her debit card in the revolut app in her cellphone and the scan doesn’t work since the card is not embossed. What should we do now? Thanks a lot.



I’ve tried to verify my account automatically but it didn’t go trough. After trying and document pictures manually I’m unable to scroll down to press the submit button. No reply about the bug in the help chat yet. Need this card active asap.


Hey I can see your account verified!


Hi, i’ve got the same problem. My account is blocked. I put the last code and scan my card but it doesn’t work.


For the last payement i’ve used apple pay. But it was with the same credit card


The Problem is resolved


i still wait for the authentication of my card what should i do ??


Hi Andreas, from what I can see you are the guy to help with the above issue which I am also having. Trying to move some money around quite urgently and have been locked out after trying to verify a second card. Please help! Thanks, Patrick


Patrick, could you please send me a direct message so I can help you too?


Hello, Andreas,
I have logged in my Revolut account and it said I need to verify my account. I have found 4-digit code in my bank statement, I have put it in and it said “Verified”. After that I have tried to login to my account, but it says “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons”. Contacted Revolut support and Official Revolut team on facebook, but unfortunately no answer from them.
Please help me with this issue.